After the conclusion of his participation in Estela Carrillo’s Double Life and before becoming the Champion of the Champion, Africa Zavala took the opportunity that Image TV and Sony Pictures Television offered him to star in the telenovela Trapped.

The series, which also includes figures such as Erick Chapa, Giuseppe Gamba, Veronica Merchant, Gabriela Roel and Fernando Cianguerotti, has already been recorded in its entirety and begins its transmissions on Monday, September 3 at 9:30 p.m.

SYNOPSIS: It’s the story of Mariana (Africa Zavala), an attractive, intelligent, and chameleonic woman, who lives with an insatiable desire for revenge after witnessing the murder of her parents when she was just a teenager. Thus, she is forced to live in the streets to earn living polishing shoes and keeping her younger brothers until she meets Sebastian (Rubén Zamora), who turns her into a white glove thief, capable of seducing any man.

After many years of leading that double life, Mariana decides that it is time to retire to meet her brothers, who she had to send to boarding school. Willing to give the last blow, his plan falls apart when he meets his ultimate goal, Carlos Alberto Herrera (Fernando Ciangherotti), the head of a powerful family.

Herrera discovers Mariana’s plan and is willing to end the life of her and her brothers to teach her a lesson. At that moment, Mariana managed to save her life and that of her family by offering Herrera her services as a scammer to help him destroy the Vargas family, Herrera’s greatest rivals. Mariana’s plan is to seduce the two brothers (Erick Chapa and Giuseppe Gamba), in order to create discord between them, but the mission is complicated when Mariana must decide between love and revenge, when she falls hopelessly in love with Felipe Vargas (Erick Chapa ).

As if that was not enough, during her final mission, Mariana is face to face with a ghost of the past: the man who murdered her parents. Thus, his days pass between danger, passion and revenge.