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Insurance that has the car

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Vehicle insurance is a type of policy that helps us before accidents that we have with our car or that of another person. We talk about insurance of driving one of the most requested by the user and essential that has corresponding allowances in the case of not having accidents.

Its amount depends on the usual driver’s age and years of experience or driving… Although it should not be forgotten that you among all insurance auto insurance is the most engaged. The General Directorate of traffic in Spain requires the user to have contracted this kind of automobile insurance, under sanction or fine, do not consider compulsory the demand that we contract it with a specific company. You can see more options and features of the auto insurance safe online.

Compulsory insurance, which covers the civil liability of the owner of the vehicle in case of accident before an accident engages itself in Spain, we have to explain that the person driving and the policyholder’s car can be different. Once we hired the insurance that mark us the DGT we know this policy, cover us civil liability with the opposite, but if we need or want to expand our coverage, we should inform us and broaden our policy.

You already have your car insurance but you choose to extend it by own comfort and safety, options which can choose this broadening the coverage of crystals, damage to occupants, travel assistance and many others that we will be trying to. We will not forget in successive post to explain the characteristics of the different options in vehicle insurance, plus show you options of payment or franchises that user can thank, with full insurance that can pay way comfortable.



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