The ex-marine American of Latin origin Lázaro Mendoza enters a maximum security prison in Mexico (La Rotunda), under a false identity and accused of a supposed triple murder. Now as Dante Pardo, his mission is to infiltrate inside a dangerous band of prisoners and custodians that operates inside and outside the prison. They are the main suspects in the kidnapping of the teenage daughter of an American judge named John Morris.

Within La Rotunda, Lázaro has to confirm the authorship of the kidnapping and discover the whereabouts of the girl. Lazaro discovers that indeed the girl is captive in an abandoned area of ??the prison, and seeks his release. Lazaro is betrayed by Judge Morris and abandoned to his fate in prison; at the same time that his brother is murdered and his little son kidnapped.

Lazaro, will get out of prison again and face the judge looking for clues to the whereabouts of his son. This encounter will bring deadly consequences to Morris and Lázaro is recaptured and taken back to La Rotunda. Locked up and desperate to locate his son, he will have to expose his identity to Frida, the social worker and prison human rights representative. There are not many options for Lázaro and deep down he understands that only escaping can save his life and clean his name.

“El Recluso” also has the participation of Ana Claudia Talancón as Frida Villarreal; Flavio Medina as Peniche; Luis Felipe Tovar as Mariano Tavares; David Chocarro as Santito. In addition, Mariana Seoane as Roxana and Isabella Castillo as Linda Morris; Guy Ecker plays Judge John Morris; Bradley Stryker is Jack; Gustavo Sánchez Parra is Cuauhtémoc; Leonardo Ortizgris is Florentine, Alejandro Calva is the Foca; Rodrigo Oviedo is Silvestre; Ramon Medina is Martial; Erik Hayser is Jeremy Jones; Diego Calva is El Rubio; Krystyan Ferrer is El Syka; Juan Pablo Castañeda is El Picudo.