Alejandro (Raúl Méndez), a 10-year-old boy, plays innocently with his sister next to the age of 4, when his parents are brutally killed by a sicariode tattooed arm belonging to one of the many powerful posters that scourge peace in Mexico. The girl, her little sister is kidnapped and now 25 years later, Alejandro Ferrer is Captain Alexander as he is familiarly treated by everyone who admires him in the Federal police, for his fierce – and sometimes also brutal and excessive – fights against the drug cartels. We are north of Mexico, on the border with the United States and captain Alexander and his men face drug traffickers when they try to cross drugs through a tunnel to the neighboring country.

In the crossfire, the captain kills the hummingbird, important and beloved poster of the Thousand summits, one of the most dangerous and active in the area. But this is not the only blow that gets the terrible drug cartel that day. Miles away, on the other side of the world, a woman Roxana rodiles (Fernanda Castillo), on behalf of Federico Montalvo (Diego Soldano), President of the Atlantic Bank, makes an important donation of millions of dollars to the foundation Henri Noguers, for the benefit of the African children and tries to close, it seems also by him, a juicy business of buying and selling of diamonds with a prestigious businessman of Japanese name.

However, everything will fall apart when the Interpol who has come quietly following the footprint of the money, try to capture it. After being detained and interrogated, Roxana will give the inmate of the dunes, a boarding house of almost unique characteristics throughout Mexico, since it houses simultaneously, although in different pavilions, men and women deprived of liberty for being accused or sentenced of The most diverse crimes.

For Captain Alexander no operation or strike to these posters seems to be enough and idea a risky plan: introduce as infiltrated the dunes to one of his own. The Chosen one turns out to be Daniel Laborde (Matías Novoa) of 27 years, whose work will be to gain the confidence of Roxana Rodiles, to fall in love, to give her until obtaining information on the poster. What Captain Alexander ignores is that Daniel will end up seriously in love with Roxana rodiles.

And not only that, the love between Daniel and Roxana, emerged in such adverse situations, put at risk, not only the operation itself planned by Alexander but the very existence of the Cartel thousand summits and the lives of Daniel and Roxana herself. The luck is cast and kill or let live the enemy are only two sides of the same coin, when it is an enemy so intimate.