Falco Capitulo 1


Falco Capitulo 1

Based on world success the Last Cop and produced by Spiral International and Dynamo, Falco is a police series about Alejandro Falco, a promising young homicide detective, married and father of a newborn girl. Skillful and shrewd police, Falco is often impulsive and unpredictable.

In the midst of police proceedings he gets shot in the head that leaves him in a coma. He wakes up 23 years later to discover that his wife is married to another man and his daughter is now a woman. The world around Falco has changed. He has no idea how the Internet works, he has never had a mobile phone and the Rock n ‘ roll of his days has become “classic”.

The detective, who has not lost his detective powers, manages to recover his old work and faces police cases using his ‘ outdated methods ‘.
Falco will have to learn to work with his new partner, accept his daughter’s boyfriend and even work with the new partner of his ex-wife, who, to his misfortune, is a valuable ally of the work.

Both Falco and his team will have difficulty adapting to each other while trying to do their job and at the same time discovering what happened that night, 23 years ago.
Falco, a police series that counts on the performance leading of Michel Brown, the actor of Argentine origin, which has led successful telenovelas like Passion of Gavilanes (2013) and Mother Moon (2007), will interpret in this story a young detective of homicides Who wakes up 23 years after being in a coma after having been shot.

In doing so he realizes that the world around him has changed a lot in these two decades: he lost his daughter’s childhood, his wife remarried and has to learn to work with his new partner. But Falco has not lost his powers detective and he and his team will fight to adapt trying to do their job while trying to figure out what happened 20 years ago.
Each chapter in the series will present a specific case that the detective will have to solve while investigating what happened the night he fell into a coma two decades ago.

Hoze Meléndez, Marina de Tavira, Enrique Arreola, Karina Gidi, Danae Reynaud, Mauricio García Lozano, Manuel Poncelis, Juan Carlos Colombo and Fátima Molina, among others, make up the cast of the series