Daughters of the Moon is a Mexican telenovela produced by Nicandro Díaz for Televisa and broadcast by Las Estrellas in 2018. It is the second version made in Mexico of the Colombian telenovela Las Juanas, original story by Bernardo Romero Pereiro. It is directed by Salvador Sánchez and Ricardo de la Parra. It premiered on February 19 covering the one-hour schedule of The Rose of Guadalupe and in original replacement for I plead guilty.

Starring Michelle Renaud and Danilo Carrera; along with Geraldine Galván, Mario Morán, Lore Graniewicz, Gonzalo Peña, Jade Fraser and Jonathan Becerra. Account with the antagonistic participations of Cynthia Klitbo, Alexis Ayala and Mariluz Bermúdez and the stellar performances of the first actors Eugenia Cauduro, Arcelia Ramírez and Omar Fierro, in his return to Televisa. This is the story of four sisters born in the same year and conceived by the same father; Juana Victoria, Juana Inés, Juana Bárbara and Juana Soledad.

On her deathbed, Rosaura, Juana Victoria’s mother confesses to her daughter the name of her real father; Juan Oropeza, an important hotel entrepreneur. After his death, Juana Victoria is given the task of looking for him and discovering that he has three other sisters. When arriving at Mazatlán, Juana Victoria knows between the waves of the sea to Sebastián and a strong attraction between the two is born. Thanks to a crescent-shaped birthmark that Juana Victoria has on her lower back, she finds her true father and realizes that she has fallen in love with Sebastian, son of Juan, her half brother; first male born after his four sisters.

Juan confesses to Juana Victoria that he may have more sisters who live in different parts of the Republic. She and Sebastian begin with the search of their sisters; Juana Soledad, originally from Nuevo León, Monterrey, nurse, clairvoyant and just out of a loving disappointment; Juana Bárbara, born in Guadalajara, boxer and with a strong personality; and Juana Ines, at birth was abandoned and baptized in a convent in the city of Puebla,

is the most innocent of her four sisters and knows love with Mauricio Iriarte, a young man from a wealthy family, son of Darío, an ambitious businessman and brother Estefanía, Sebastián’s future fiancée, a capricious young woman. Leonora, Juan’s wife, can not believe that her husband has been unfaithful four times in the same year and, from that moment, becomes the enemy of her four daughters.

Finally, the four Juanas know each other, four half sisters, four birthmarks of a half moon, at four o’clock love joins them; Juana Barbára and Fernando, Juana Soledad and Octavio, Juana Inés and Mauricio and Juana Victoria and Sebastián, although the same blood, it will not be easy to accept what they feel. Because from the moon to the morning Juan Oropeza changed his life with the daughters of the moon, and the family.



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