SSSHP2TV Azteca returns to the traditional melodramas in the hours of 8:30 pm with the release of the Prodigal daughter, original story of José Ignacio Valenzuela (The house next door, Santa Diaba). The couple leading is formed by Isabel Burr to whom we had seen in persecuted/the Capo and Lady Steel 2, and by Christian de la Campa. He’s the first star for both of us.

In the first chapter we saw how 20 years ago the couple of Rogelio and Isabel Montejo went to vacation in Acapulco along with their daughters Pamela and Alicia twins. They leave their daughters in the care of a babysitter while they go out to have fun at night.

When Alicia’s back, she’s gone and they accuse the babysitter of kidnapping. Alicia is given for dead and time changes to the present day. Camila (Isabel Burr) is a young waitress who saw in the newspaper the news of the commitment of Pamela Montejo (Andrea Martí) with Salvador Mendoza (Christian de la Campa) seems to have memories of that family and Urde a plan with a mysterious person.

The day of the engagement Camila is presented at the event and when Rogelio (Alejandro Camacho) The llama Alicia she faints. Rogelio assures that Camila is Alicia and she says she has no memories of her past and that maybe she could be. Isabel (Aura Cristina Geithner) and Pamela are against Camila/Alicia because they think it is a impersonator. Camila/Alicia and Rogelio have a DNA test to clear the doubt once and for all.

The Doctor Who revises Camila/Alicia reveals to Rogelio and Isabel that the girl only has one kidney and that she was probably kidnapped as a child to deal with the organ. Suspicions also arise that someone in the family was the real one responsible for the disappearance of the girl in the past.

Listening to the dialogues and the music and seeing the costumes and the production took us back to the soap operas that Telemundo produced in the early 21st century as a Prisoner (2004), The Body of Desire (2005) and Other Sins (2007). In the credits it is mentioned that the libretto is commercialized by Telemundo Internacional.