La Taxista capitulo 19


Victoria Martinez (Ana Belena), is a woman who works as taxi driver and who tries to get ahead in her family since her father died and especially to her daughter Daniela (Camila Rivas) who has a physical disability.

Everyone expects Victoria to marry Juan (Miguel Angel Biaggio) to charming and highly coveted bachelor who owns the best taqueria in the neighborhood known as “The king of the taco”, the man they believe is perfect for her, but Victoria is not really in love with Juan, since I have unexpectedly met and put in his eyes Alvaro (Marcus Ornellas)

A millionaire, who has his life and heart destroyed knowing that he has not had much time to live and that his fiancée Carolina (Cecilia Galeano) tricks him with Rodrigo (Julio Camejo), a man who is determined to destroy Álvaro’s life.

Victoria does not know the latter, and will have to face the opposition of her family, her friends and her own daughter, to love that seems impossible. For this, the taxi driver and the businessman begin to have a loving relationship. Álvaro will learn from the joy and simplicity of Victoria how to enjoy the essence of life that his absorbing work has made him forget.

Álvaro, on the other hand, makes Victoria live something she had never experienced before: to be truly in love. There begins Victoria’s fight to get a heart transplant to save Álvaro’s life.