Maral is an innocent girl, pure and shy. She works as a waitress in the café of the prestigious stores Luna and is in love with Sarp, but both are so different that a relationship between them would seem impossible.

Arya, is the daughter of the owner of the moon stores, has problems as general manager of the store, several orders were delivered erroneously causing a strong loss of money. She fears that her father would discover his faults in the administration of the place.

Sarp is a rebellious and creative boy, works as a confectioner in the cafeteria of the warehouse, is a genius in the elaboration of desserts. Maral intends to show Arya her plans to help her get the store out of the crisis she is in, but Arya ignores her.

Arya is looking for support in Benan, the clothing designer at the warehouse, who ignores her and continues to work. Maral realizes that Arya is pregnant and deeply in need of affection. Arya is quoted by her father, after Deniz, his wife and stepmother of Arya, shows him the article in the newspaper which describes the bad management of the company. He faces her and tells her that she feels ashamed for her.

Maral leaves Sarp a note to invite him to a date… Although he says he doesn’t like it, he accepts. Will you start a romance between them?



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