This is the story of two lawyers specializing in family law, Ricardo Bustamante and Alejandra Ponce, who despite coming from two love disappointments and being in a world where it seems that love loses strength, in the face of divorce, they still have faith in finding to true love.

The story begins just when Alejandra is about to marry Carlos Ibarra, another lawyer specializing in family law, but what would be the happiest day of his life became a nightmare, because when he arrives at the church to marry, are Taking her boyfriend arrested, charged with murder.

All the elements of the investigation seem to accuse Carlos of the murder of the stripper with which he was at his bachelor party, a night before his wedding; As if this were not enough, Alejandra learns that Carlos had sex with the dancer, so in the blink of an eye, everything he believed about Carlos and love, is coming down. Alejandra suffers a deep disappointment and pain to see who believed the love of her life in prison.

For his part, Ricardo Bustamante, one of the partners of the prestigious firm Vega y Asociados, faces the same process by which many of his clients spend, because he is divorcing his wife, Elena Fernandez, after she was unfaithful, the most painful of This divorce is to have to separate from the children of Elena, whom he sees as his own, because, although they are not his biological children, he loves them with all the heart because he raised them since childhood.

Despite his personal conflicts, both Alejandra and Ricardo have to follow in their work and is when faced as opposed in a controversial case of legal recognition of a minor, where the two will have to demonstrate their skills and talents, this You
will end up joining them more and recognizing each other the good work they did. After being opposed, they end up making an excellent team, and Ricardo offers him a position in his law firm; Little by little and after daily coexistence, a strong love begins to grow among them.

Unfortunately, with Carlos in jail Alejandra faces a dilemma in his heart, because he does not fully surrender to the love he feels for Ricardo, because he feels guilty of being happy; Meanwhile, Carlos, who believed love of his life, is in prison. With what she does not count is that Carlos, as a play for his defense, asks that his case take him Leonardo and Roberto, the best penalists Vega and Associates, as a tactic for the judge and the clerks believe that is innocent , as they are being defended by lawyers at the firm who are their competitors.

Leonardo and Roberto manage to get Carlos out of prison, just when more in love are Ricardo and Alejandra, however, the case has not been closed, because it comes out for lack of evidence, not because it has been proven innocent.

It is here that the tactics used in the legal field are exercised between the relationship of Ricardo and Alejandra, because Carlos does not want to lose it and is willing to everything to recover his love; In the end, his manipulations and blackmails serve to keep her away from Ricardo. So, after many clashes and problems, Ricardo and Alejandra will discover that they’ll be willing to challenge everything for loving lawlessly.



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