In a new turn towards disruptive business models, Viacom Telefe, Kuarzo Entertainment producer and Telecom/Flow operator launched the co-production Rhizoma Hotel, a series that innovates in three aspects: on the one hand the format, short series of half an hour for the Prime time; On the other hand, in cost: it is rolled into a single location with more than 80 rotating actors; And on the other, the story: provocative stories about drug trafficking, love affairs, among other topics.

‘ It’s a new bet for national fiction with a cast and top-notch partners. We proposed that in every thing we do, let’s innovate. It was an idea that came from Kuarzo and Endemol, and we consider that it can have an important space on open TV, “explained Darío Turovelzky, SVP of global content of Viacom Telefe, to press.

It is also a good proposal of format for the distribution market, commented Turovelzky with Guillermo Borensztein, manager of International Business and co-productions. Both advanced two projects with Telecom/Flow for this year: an overproduction of ‘ high quality ‘ of 8 episodes, and a docu-series that mixes fiction + entertainment.

Martin Kweller, CEO of Kuarzo Entertainment, added: ‘ We are happy that on TV Argentina will return to the unitary format: they are 21 different stories, but with actors who rotate in each of them in different roles. It is essential to think of new ways of doing fiction. And I think Rhizoma Hotel is a good example. ‘

For his part, Antonio Álvarez, director of programming for Telecom/Flow, completed. ‘ We continue to reinforce our offer of original content, especially in fiction. Our independent role allows us to associate ourselves with the best local screens and producers: with Pol-ka, Turner and eltrece we agreed to develop two series a year for five years; And with Underground and Telefe, two seasons of a rooster for Aesculapius ‘, he commented.