100 days to fall in love, the new Telefe strip produced by Underground and great bet of the first semester for a channel to which its last strip, Blow to the heart, did not yield in terms of audience. Now, the challenge is greater and must compete with Simona, strong product of El Trece.

Producer Sebastián Ortega (who could barely see his eyes hidden by the visor of a cap of his favorite brand) was the first speaker of the night and, after confirming that the premiere date will be on May 7, at 21.45, thanked Telefe, the actors, Pablo Culell and said that this fiction is intended for the public today: “People today live with anxiety and we have prepared a project that gives me a lot of pride and that is in line with these consumption times “. Then they spoke their four protagonists Carla Peterson, Luciano Castro, Nancy Dupláa and Juan Minujin who showed their happiness for the product they lead and to return to work in the Ortega production company.

In the preview trailer projected for the actors and journalists, it was a romantic comedy and at times dramatic in which two friends Laura (Peterson) and Antonia (Dupláa) have a love and existential crisis and hesitate between kicking the board and being able to take you end your goals and dreams or you are stuck in a drawer or fight to rescue a family.

The wear, lies, and lack of passion break the trust of their marriages, Laura is married and is a partner of Gastón (Juan Minujin) with whom they have two children, and Laura is a couple rower with Coco (Pablo Rago), a musician, a bohemian who spent a quarter of an hour. Laura has a maiden daughter who was raised by Coco. The third one in discord is Diego, played by Luciano Castro, an old great love of Laura with whom he reconnects after many years and who could be the biological father of his daughter.

And as Ortega anticipated that he has current issues such as separations, assembled families, the singleness of the 40, also showed a scene and report of workplace harassment. But the 100-day fort to fall in love with are 2018, current bonds, and the main thing is laughter. The chemistry between the protagonists and the hilarious scenes, more gags known but always result, provoked laughter among those present.

The cast is completed by Jorgelina Aruzzi, Juan Gil Navarro, Mario Pasik, Michel Noher, Ludovico Di Santo, Osvaldo Laport, Marita Ballesteros, Andrea Rincón, Manuela Pal, Leticia Siciliani, former Bandana Virginia Da Cunha, Facundo Espinoza, and a youth cast. with strong stories and a great presence to catch absent audience of the open TV: Malena Narvay, Franco Rizzaro, Maite Lanata, and Jeremias Batto Collini