Did you know that there is a cover to protect your car from theft of auto parts in auto insurance?

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Happened to you once you leave your car parked on the street and when you return you are missing any parts like the stereo, rear-view mirrors or caps? Unfortunately the theft of auto parts is a very common practice in our country.

A simple and economical way to recover them is through your auto insurance. Within the auto insurance you can choose the coverage of “Theft”, which covers parts and accessories Interior and exterior of the car as long as they are original and the manufacturer has installed them.

In addition, the auto insurance also covers damage to your car as a result of the theft, already many times when removing parts, other parts suffer damage.

With this coverage, you may only meet a deductible of 10% of the value of the stolen pieces and you can keep your car safe.

It is always important to be protected and it is worthwhile to invest in auto insurance you complete tranquillity. However more than purchase auto insurance, you must purchase a full service having wide coverage. Even insurance agent contact or do it your self but considers at least two options before making a decision.