Aurelio will unleash once again a war in Mexico, but this time is not against the government, the DEA or other cartels… but against his own family. After Emiliana managed to get into the life of Aurelio Casillas and the feds managed to locate the most famous fugitives on television, the future of Aurelio and company seemed blacker than ever. To the foregoing we must add that Monica was already married to Victor, and that in the midst of his wedding, received a shot that is apparently deadly and this war now if it is global and personal.

Aurelio Casillas, who has recovered all the fortune he lost and finally feels the need to retire. But it’s payback time, the hatred he sowed since he sold his soul to the drug fiend is now knocking on his door with the face and blood of the many innocent people he destroyed.

Aurelio will understand that his riches are an illusion, and that after he was the great hunter he was, he is now going to become the prey. The women he abused, the men he betrayed, the political puppets he put in power, and even his own children will turn against him. Has the time come for Aurelio to pay for his sins?

In Mexico it changes its administration and government, but this time, behind the threads of power are the hands of the most skilled criminal in the history of the country. Aurelio Casillas, associated with political strategists, has managed to place a puppet of his allies in the armchair of the Pines, reaching at last the site that both longed: the top of power.

But this season, it will not be the law but his own body that will put limits on his aspirations. A hard kidney disease will force you to turn to people of your blood to find a donor for the necessary transplant that will save your life. By not finding any compatibility with any of his close relatives, Aurelio will have to resort to that long record of loving conquest that has left watered by the world, looking for a lost son who can be his salvation.