Isla Paraiso Capitulo 29

In the remote lands of Chiloé is set the next Mega TV series, called “Paradise Island “. The production, which will happen to “If I were rich ” in the hours of 20:00 hours, is in recordings at this time.

The story picks up a village south of the island, where curiously only men live. There, the priest of the place, Gabriel, gives a strong announcement for its inhabitants: A bus will arrive full of women to work, to those who will give them facilities to stay there.

There will be Carolina, impersonating her heavenly sister, fleeing justice after being involved in a scam for the bad management of her husband. Carolina tries to seek the help of Celeste, but she would leave for “Paradise Island” on a mission. There he will meet Óscar León, a powerful landowner who gives jobs to men, unsociable and macho, who would be willing to give it to the police if he discovers his true identity.

“Isla paraiso ” will be starring Paola Volpato, Francisco Melo, Andrés Velasco and Montserrat Ballarín and also include the participation of Fernando Godoy, Etienne Bobenrieth, Dayana Amigo, Nicolás Oyarzún, Magdalena Muller, César Illet, Fernando Farías, Carmen Disa Gutiérrez, Felipe Rojas, Paulina Hunt and Anis Carrión, among others.