Luis Miguel La Serie Capitulo 10

Luis Miguel, the series is a production of Netflix, Telemundo and Gato Grande in which the life of the singer is explored. A tour of the personal and professional in which deepens in the artist’s life since he was born to become an icon of Latin music.

And the dramas that since childhood and throughout his life has had to suffer, such as the disappearance of his mother, fame or the controversial relationships he has had to date.

Luis Miguel was born in Puerto Rico in 1970 and is a singer and music producer with a very popular career, especially in Latin America. He has won a lot of awards related to music, such as the Grammy. The Puerto Rican has been one of the artists that has sold the most copies of records.

The fiction is starring Diego Boneta (Rebel) in the most splendid stage of his career by what was called ‘The sun of Mexico’ or ‘The Sun of America’.

This biographical series has been created by Gato Grande with Mark Burnett of MGM and a group of Mexican entrepreneurs. The production has the collaboration of the singer himself.