María Magdalena Capitulo 20

Following the success of Moses and the Ten Commandments, a series that was broadcast on Imagen TV during 2016 and part of 2017, Televisa and TV Azteca were encouraged to produce their own bioseries inspired by biblical and religious facts and characters.

The first to bet everything was TV Azteca that together with Sony Pictures will produce through Dopamine and will bring to the small screen the story of María Magdalena.

The bio series will be starred by none other than the Colombian María Fernanda Yepes, the actress who gave life to the original ‘Rosario Tijeras‘, in the role of Jesus will be Manolo Cardona, remembered epor starring ‘The Cartel of the toads’; while Andrés Parra, who played Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria in ‘Escobar el Patrón del Mal‘, will play Pedro.

The filming of the production that is recorded in different locations in Mexico and began in Januaries of 2018, so it expects to be released in the middle of the year.

On the other hand, Televisa will enter the scene with one on Juan Diego, which will tell the whole story of this saint, from birth until he dies.

The project that will have 60 chapters and that intends to compete with María Magdalena will be in charge of the producer Miguel Angel Herros, producer of La Rosa de Guadalupe.

So far it is unknown who could give life to Juan Diego, but rumors indicate that the San Angel television wants Fernando Colunga to take charge of the series.