The life of Renzo (Cabré) is – literally – crossed by science. It was conceived by the technique of in vitro fertilization thanks to the intervention of his grandfather Alejandro Figueroa (Briski), notable scientist (expert in cloning) who was able to fulfill his beloved daughter Marcela (Bonelli) the desire to be a mother.

But during the medical procedure, the researcher hid an essential detail: he separated part of the genetic material from the embryo with the aim of developing, for the first time, a human clone. The experiment paid off: this is how Mateo (Cabré), “artificial twin” of Renzo, was born.

Figueroa needed to keep the secret of the clone’s existence under seven keys and decided to hand it over to Elena (Onetto), an assistant in her laboratory and also a lover of the scientist. The woman raised him as if he were his own son.

While Renzo – an extremely intelligent and rational boy, unmoved by emotions – grew up in a family of good economic spending (stimulated thanks to an excellent education) Mateo – young sensitive, with a big heart but “with few lights” – what He did it in a humble home, with few possibilities of progress but surrounded by a lot of love. Both are unaware of the existence of the other.

Almost thirty years later, and before the imminence of his death, the already elderly Figueroa will reveal to his grandson the whole truth. Stunned, Renzo will search for heaven and earth to his “double”: his intention is not to know it but to eliminate it, since this “brother” can generate complications when it comes to inheriting the family fortune. In his course -including an accident, from which he is rescued by Amber (Vigna), a beautiful nurse- he will cross paths with part of the clone’s surroundings and everyone will confuse him with him.

The same thing will happen with Mateo – who works as a cadet in the police station commanded by Santillán (Machín) – who will infiltrate Renzo’s house and meet his troubled family group, including Lara (Accardi), the girlfriend and Camilo (Fonzi ), a cousin very interested in money. This crossing of identities will generate countless entanglements.

Throughout history, Renzo will begin to put aside his cold and distant attitude to make way for greater sensitivity; while Matthew will discover that he is not as stupid as he was led to believe. In this process, both will end up changing the lives of all those around them.