Blood Pact is a night TV series of channel 13, issued during the second semester of 2018.

Original Idea of Pablo Avila and Felipe Montero. Written by Catalina Calcagni, Patricio Heim, Diego Muñoz, Juan Andrés Rivera and Carla Stagno. Directed by Cristián Mason.

Starring Pablo Cerda, Néstor Cantillana, Álvaro Espinoza and Pablo Macaya. With Tamara Acosta, Blanca Lewin, Loreto Aravena, Ignacia Baeza and Josefina Montand. Alvaro Gomez’s stellar performances.

Benjamin (Álvaro Espinoza), Marco (Néstor Cantillana), Raimundo (Pablo Cerda) and Santiago (Pablo Macaya) have managed to maintain their friendship despite the differences between them. Their partners, the current and the important women of their lives, Josefa (Loreto Aravena), Maite (Blanca Lewin) and Trinidad (Ignacia Baeza), also participate in this group that already counts decades of complicity.

But the tragedy that arises in that feast will change their fates forever, leading them to move between guilt and fear of losing the lives they have built, hiding a death to save themselves. On the other hand, they appear agate (Josefina montand), the new conquest of Raimundo that will put Maite in check; Carmen (Tamara Acosta), the mother of a troubled young woman who disappears mysteriously, and Feliciano (Álvaro Gómez), a detective who will approach dangerously the truth of friends.