SSSHP2In this season, Vicenta Acero (Carolina Miranda) and Daniel Phillips (Luis Ernesto Franco) strengthen their love after finishing with Chucho Casares (Sergio Goyri), but they know that fate always plays against him. To add more stress, the Governments of Mexico and the United States are behind the steel, which blames the death of the governor of Chihuahua, Chucho Casares.

This forces them to operate clandestinely to move to Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. Now they have more enemies than ever. Indira Cárdenas (Gaby Espino), who became head of the Texas Department of Homeland Security and Border Patrol, remains the biggest stumbling block for Vicenta and Daniel. Indio Amaro (Jorge Zárate), with no money or power, blackmails Indira to allow him to pass drugs across the border and rebuild his cartel.

But Vicenta and Daniel intercept the cargo, leaving the Indian ruined and swearing to avenge them. As if that were not enough, a new enemy appears: The Colombian Capo known as Mr. Romero (Diego David). Mr. Romero is, in fact, Julián Montero, son of Briceida Montero and nephew of Rodrigo Montero, and has come to Mexico to avenge the death of his family.

Mr. Romero allies with all the parties to get what he wants, forming a team first with Indio Amaro and then with Tuti (Ana Lucía Domínguez). Anxious for revenge against El Indio, Tuti has been luring her clients to her own organization, “El Cartel de La Habana”, run by a clan of beautiful women.

Salvador (Michel Duval) remains in love with his wife, Rosario (Oka Giner), and continues to work with Vicenta and Daniel in the business of helping immigrants cross the border. Gallo Quintanilla (Óscar Priego), aware of the corrupt plans in which the Mexican president has been involved, blackmails him to press charges against steels.

He decides to launch his own political career, becoming mayor of Nuevo Laredo. Thus empowered and with his rising political star, Gallo can now manipulate power chains for the benefit of the Steel family.