Señora Acero 5 Capitulo 19

The fifth season of Lady Steel, an American television series created by Roberto Stopello, follows the life of Vicenta Acero, 6 years after the death of her husband Daniel Philips and her new future as a mother.The season was ordered in February 2018, with filming starting in June of that same year. The main cast members Carolina Miranda, Ana Lucía Domínguez, and Diego Cadavid return from previous seasons. The season is scheduled to premiere on October 15, 2018

Pregnant eight months, the time comes when Vicenta Acero (Carolina Miranda) decides to bury her husband Daniel Philips (Luis Ernesto Franco), who died after six months in a coma. During the funeral of her husband, Vicenta communicates anonymously with Alberto Fuentes (David Chocarro) FBI agent to inform him that the murderer of her husband is at the funeral, after following the track of the call, arrives at the funeral in where is Vicenta and realizing that it was a mistake begins to argue with Vicenta.

During the discussion, Vicenta breaks the source and there is only time for her to give birth. Alberto from nowhere receives the son of Vicenta and between them a very strong bond is born that unites them immediately.

On the other hand El Teca (William Miller), who supposedly died at the hands of Salvador Acero (Michel Duval) 5 years ago. He returns after spending 6 years in prison in the United States just to get revenge on the Aceros, who ended up with his entire family and his poster. His only goal is to kill Vicenta’s son.

Vicenta and Salvador both dedicated to the breeding of horses and Josefina and El Gallo dedicated to politics, have been completely quiet for 6 years and away from any danger, but suddenly they will be forced to flee when they find out about the repair of El Teca. Who will use unimaginable methods to destroy them all.

Meanwhile La Tuti (Ana Lucía Domínguez) has managed to keep her son out of Mexico thanks to the profits she has obtained in her business of exotic dancers and sexer servant, but she will also be forced to be always protected by guaruras, to avoid that Teca extorts her and wants to snatch her son Álvaro.

Despite all her efforts to keep her family together and safe, Vicenta will make a difficult decision; Get away from your family and your new love together with your child. Away from her family, Vicenta together with her son will face many dangers, but not everything is bad for her, on the way away from her family and the whole world she meets Lucas Iglesias (Guillermo Zulueta), a hippie who gives her an inn on the beach where he works.

In this new refuge, she meets La Mecha (María Rojo), who suddenly becomes a new mother for Vicenta; and Nancy (Patricia Manterola) who becomes her best friend. In this new world in which everyone just wants to defend their children, Vicenta and La Tuti join forces to finish El Teca, and thus be able to give their children a better future and to sleep in peace.

During the final episode of the previous season, Telemundo confirmed that the series had been renewed for a fifth season, with respect to this Roberto Stopello said “We aim for a new story, a different challenge” The recordings of the season began at end of June 2018 The season is written under the baton of Roberto Stopello, co-written by Indira Páez, Amaris Páez, José Miguel Núñez, Christian Jiménez and Sergio Mendoza and directed by Alfonso Pineda, Rigoberto Castañeda and Rafael Lara.

The actor José Luis Reséndez after being confirmed to return to the series playing El Teca, for reasons of not reaching an agreement with Telemundo, was replaced by the Spanish actor William Miller. On July 11, 2018 David Chocarro and Lambda García were confirmed as new signings for the season. On August 31, 2018,

Luis Ernesto Franco would no longer be in the fifth season, and the inclusion of Patricia Manterola was confirmed. as part of the cast. On September 26, 2018 was confirmed to the rest of the cast that makes up the fifth season of the series.