Sin Senos Si Hay Paraiso 2 Capitulo 77

Dale PlayBelieve it or not, it’s been seven years since we saw the end of the Colombian novel Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso. the continuation of the successful production. This new one is titled Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso and it stars Carolina Gaitán, who gives life to Catalina Manrique. Catherine Sicachoque returns to the story with her role as Doña Hilda and Fabián Ríos as Albeiro Manrique.

la diabla y albeiro

Catalina Manrique is the daughter of Dona Hilda and Albeiro and was born the day her mother learned that her eldest daughter had been killed. Hilda, shattered by the death of her daughter Catherine, the great decided that her second daughter would bear the same name. Catherine’s childhood, the little girl will be marked by the ghost of her deceased sister, since her mother and father will do everything possible to keep her away from the mafia environment that killed the life of her first daughter.

Catherine will have to unearth the painful secrets of her parents and endure the evil of La Diabla, who will try to convince her to operate her breasts to offer her innocence and virginity to narcos and powerful politicians. But what many do not know is that Catherine has a defiant personality and will prove that without breasts there is paradise. Sin Sienos Para Paraíso will reflect the demand of a new generation of girls who struggle to get ahead without resorting to cosmetic surgery and the temptation of the world of drug trafficking.

Without Bones Yes Hay Paraíso is the second part of the successful Colombian production that premiered in 2008. Carolina Gaitán becomes Catalina Manrique. In the story, Catalina begins to discover the truth about her dead sister, to unearth the painful secrets her parents hid for 18 years, and to face not only the dangers of her neighborhood, but the power of perverted drug traffickers and politicians who will offer thousands of dollars for her innocence and virginity, as long as she is willing to put on bigger breasts.

la diabla y albeiro

She will have to be well prepared for what fate has in store for her. The truth is that she has two very clear things: to avenge all the evil that “The Diabla” has caused to her family, and that for nothing of the world will change her physical appearance in an operating room, because she is sure that Without breasts there is paradise .

In an interview, the actress says the most difficult to interpret Catalina is “to feel so much hate.” “Catherine feels a great deal of resentment that moves her to do justice. It is full of strong feelings. And that seems super difficult because I’m not like that. I prefer to forgive, “said Gaitan. Below you can see the first 8 minutes of the first chapter of Without Breasts Yes Hay Paraíso.

Majida Issa becomes Jessica Beltrán, better known as La Diabla, in the series Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso.Recordemos that in the first part, actress María Fernanda Yépez gave life to La Diabla. In this new Telemundo says that the Diabla returns with more villanías.

“The Diabla is a bad, frivolous, calculating and dominant woman. She hates the Marin family because of the envy she had in the past to Catherine who she ended up destroying.” Years later, the Diabla has become a wealthy woman who will try to hiding her mafia past using the influences of her husband, the city’s mayor.

Now she will be jealous of the beauty of Catalina, the little girl and she will want to destroy her family once and for all.His daughter Daniela has inherited all her evil, and is the only person he can not control.When La Diabla’s plans seem to march in his favor, new enemies will appear who will end their power and bring down their game of threats.

To stay with this role, Issa began a strong physical training to tone her figure. This is not the first time she undergoes any physical change, that’s if she is not a fan of the gym but is very happy with the results. I even got to lose 7 kilos to play the role of La Diabla. In an interview said, “I agree to modify if the character deserves it. I have cut my hair, I have tinted the colors that require me, I could even remove an eyebrow, but what I will never accept is to undergo surgery.

Carmen Villalobos was the protagonist of Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso. She made the character of Catalina Santana, who died at the end of the novel. So in this new it returns but will have a special participation. “I will appear in the first chapter because it will tell a little the end of the first part, so that they know more or less how the story will spin in this second part. And I will also appear in some flashbacks that will see throughout the novel, “said Villalobos.

sin senos si hay paraiso 2

His participation in Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso means a lot to Villalobos. “It was a great novel that opened the doors to me internationally”, assured the Colombian actress. “Obviously I’ll always be grateful to that project.

Villalobos already has a new project and “is a surprise that will enchant and fascinate”. “Obviously I have to think about myself and my career, but do not believe, I also think a lot about what you would like to see. And what you are going to see from my next project, I know you will love it, it will fascinate you. It’s a very big surprise. I am very happy to be part of this. When I can tell you more I will tell you. ”

The second part begins just when Dona Hilda is informed about the death of Catalina, her eldest daughter, whom they will distinguish as “La grande”. The news is what will cause the next childbirth of his second daughter, Catalina “La Pequeño”. In the Instagram account of the telenovela was published a video that gathers the moment in which Hilda gives birth and shows how Albeiro rejects to his daughter in the beginning to know that it is a girl. Above you can see how the second part begins.

Without breasts yes there is paradise, the continuation of the successful telenovela Without breasts there is no paradise, based on the work of the Colombian Gustavo Bolivar. Without breasts yes there is paradise was the name that was given to the new melodrama that will reflect the reality of a new generation of Colombian girls who seek to get ahead in their lives without resorting to plastic surgeries and easy money.

sin senos si hay paraiso 2

This new release features as characters Dona Hilda (Catherine Siachoque) and Albeiro (Fabián Ríos), who remake their life together after the abandonment of Catalina, and integrates the actor Juan Pablo Urrego in the role of Hernán Darío, a young messenger of the neighborhood who will fall in love with the protagonist and who will have to face an environment of drugs and violence to defend his family.