Simona (Angela Torres), a cheerful and fun young woman; Sure of herself and what she wants. She is a teenager who had to overcome difficulties from a very small one: she had to learn to grow without her parents as guides.

As soon as she found out she was pregnant, Simona’s biological mother, Marilina (Orozco), loved that daughter with all her soul. He swore always to protect her from all evil. But fate would have given him an alternative path to the dreamed; A dark and unpleasant path: Marilina is embroiled in a confusing and violent episode by which he ends up prey, away from his beloved daughter.

Thus, little Simona is derived from an orphanage, to the almost exclusive care of Rosa (Fugazot) One of the maids of the night shift. The link between the two is so strong that, soon, Rosa decides to ask for the child’s legal custody.

Simona grows happy, loved and contained by her adoptive mother, without having to delve into that past that, for now, feels alien. Boldly, she will not hesitate to replace Rosa as a domestic worker in the House of the Guerrico when she should go away for health problems.

In the large family home, you will have to be at the orders of Diego (Darthés), recognized specialist doctor in Traumatology, owner of the house. Moreover, under that same roof he will meet Romeo (Soffritti), the eldest of the three nephews of his now chief, whom he knows since childhood. That closeness will gradually awaken the love between the two young people.

For its part, that destiny that was imperfect for Marilina, tends to reverse: it leaves the prison and, as a first step, it seeks to insert itself again in the working world. Thanks to his outstanding background as a physiotherapist, he soon gets a job at the trauma Guerrico Clinic.

There he will meet Diego, who falls madly in love, even more so when he finds out that he has become a great reference for his daughter. However, the path to the much-desired happiness will present new obstacles: Siena (Gaetani), the Bride of the Traumatologist, will do the impossible to make that relationship not prosper. In the same way he will act with Simona, who he hates for his vitality and Desparpajo, besides that he has become a sort of “protected” for his partner.