The third season of no if there is paradise comes with everything under the slogan Everything will come to light.

The characters come back from Carmen Villalobos, Majida Issa, Fabián Rios, Catherine Siachoque and Carolina Gaitan, along with the stellar cast of Johanna Fadul, Juan Pablo Urrego, Gregorio Pernía, Roberto Manrique, Juan Alfonso Baptista, Francisco Bolívar and Juan Pablo Llano.

Also participating will be Elianis Garrido, Estefanía Gómez, Carolina Sepúlveda, Alejandra Pinzón, Eileen Roca, Marilyn Patiño, Jennifer Arenas, Stephania Duque, Javier Jattin, Mauricio Mejía, Esteban Díaz, Manuel Gómez, Juan Angel Esparza and Alvaro Benet, among others.

The time has come to choose the most beautiful young woman in the region. The catwalk has become a battlefield. The Marín support Catalina La Petite and Yésica Beltran is ready to do anything to see her daughter Daniela Coronado as Queen of the region. Yésica, who attends the event disguised as his sister, has come into contact with juries and seeks to bribe them to incline their vote in favor of Daniela. But Catherine the little one stands out not only for her beauty but for her intelligence. The result of this contest will define the course of their lives…

The relationship of Catherine the Small and Hernán Darío is threatened by the obsession of Mariana. She will give birth to a beautiful girl and will continue to claim that she is the daughter of Hernán Darío. Catherine the little doubt of the paternity of Hernán Darío and will do all that is in his hands to decipher the identity of the true father. It will not be an easy battle and Mariana will do everything she can to snatch the love of her life from Catherine the little one.

On the other hand the fearsome curse of the witch Abigail is materialized. Catherine the Great and her friends know that her daughters are in danger. Adriana, Vanessa’s daughter died, like Martina, Paola’s daughter, and now Catalina la Grande will have to redouble efforts to care for Mariana, while Ximena took care of the footsteps of her daughter, Valentina. In this battle against evil will have many allies but no shortage of enemies.